About Us


EOU Ready Wear originated in March 2020 during the heighten stages of our global Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic as an artistic path to offset adversities of uncertain times for Eyes On U Teen. The discovery was established a by someone of Eyes On U Teen, utilizing their untapped skills to fashionably as well as digitally expressing their creativity through designing. Our store will display a few of those items for purchase. You'll notice, when browsing store certain items were inspired by Covid-19 pandemic to encourage social distancing, acknowledge Covid-19 survivors, and recognize healthcare as well as essential workers.  

All of us have survived  a life-changing obstacle. I hope when browsing through store, you'll find something that fit  your style a friend, family member or as a gift to a stranger.    EOU READY WEAR will donate a percentage of our Covid-19 purchases to essential and healthcare  workers programs.  Purchases from this store will help Eyes On U Teen grow as well as reestablish for the next generation virtually and once our pandemic has passed.    

Eyes On U Teen assist in improving the e quality of life for teenagers through innovative social activities so they can unwind and debunk from their complex as well as busy lifestyles while engaging with their peers. We are recruiting teenagers for the next generation to join the leadership teams. See us at to learn more about us as well as to read our mission and vision.